Urban Surf

Most people our age are currently working a job or maybe even two in order to pay for school or for cars or whatever else it is you might need to pay for… or maybe your just searching for a job for the summer so you can make a little extra spending cash (kinda like … More Urban Surf


AKA my life. Aritzia is one of those stores that you never fail to find something in, which can be a bad thing at times. Basically 90% of my wardrobe is Aritzia and I am MORE THAN ok with it. I still remember the first time I went into an Aritzia store. I was about … More ARITZIA

Our Happy Place

Throughout our childhood we have lived in SOO many different places such as Buffalo, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Calgary, Carolina, Colorado… and don’t get me wrong it had a lot of perks but one major downfall was living away from all of our family. We moved back to Windsor every summer because that’s where our dad grew … More Our Happy Place

St.Josephs Trail

Since we are now frequent visitors to San Jose, and since our parents are still psycho workout freaks, we decided we needed a way to get in our daily workout without being stuck in the gym ALL morning EVERY morning. People in California spend a lot of time outside, and there are so many beautiful … More St.Josephs Trail