Welcome to Our Blog!

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for taking the time to read our very first blog post! We hope that everyone had a great Christmas & a Happy Holiday! We are super excited to start writing and feel that we have lots to write about. We have been blessed with a life full of adventures, & have agreed that we want to share our experiences with you and others who are interested in reading.

We are 4 kids who come from a family of 6, and we spend most of our lives travelling and exploring the world a little at a time, all thanks to hockey (hence, the name of our blog).Growing up, we never really had a place to call “home”. The closest thing we had to home was our house located in Windsor, ON. where we ended up most summers once hockey season came to an end. The remainder of our years was spent moving from city to city following our dad who had a professional career in hockey . We have lived in places such as Buffalo NY, Nashville TN, Pittsburgh PA, Calgary AL, Raleigh NC, Denver CO… and over time our list is guaranteed to go on.

When our dad retired from playing in 2006, it was not the end of hockey for us. He and his friends purchased the local OHL franchise “The Windsor Spitfires”, and he still currently owns them today. Up until last year, he was also the head coach of the team and that is what kept us in Windsor for so long.

Although it’s made for a busy life, hockey has allowed us to make so many memories and gain so many incredible experiences that not many people can have the opportunity to experience. Currently, hockey has us living between Windsor ON. and San Jose, California, as my dad continues his career with the San Jose Sharks as an assistant coach.

Our blogs will include posts ranging from hockey, to travelling, to fashion and even include some restaurant and hotel reviews (& anything else that may be eventful enough to write about). We hope that you will enjoy sharing our experiences with us! To learn more about us and our family, view our next blog post “Meet the Fam”!




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