Mexico 2016, Grand Park Royal

Hey guys,

Welcome to our first travel post! Since majority of our life is spent travelling, this will contribute to a big portion of our blog. Included in our vacation posts will be hotel/resort reviews, OOTD’s (outfits of the day), and our family go pro movies that we create at the end of every trip!

Although this is delayed, our first vacation post will be dedicated to our Mexico 2016 trip. Many of our trips revolve around hockey, however when the season ends we usually try and enjoy a family vacation where hockey is not in the picture.

This previous summer we flew into Cancun, Mexico and checked into the Grand Park Royal Hotel. The resort was absolutely beautiful. We stayed in a villa which gave us access to our very own pool located on our balcony, overlooking the most amazing white sand beach.

The resort also had a lovely gym facility which our parents made sure we visited at least 3 times during this trip. (Don’t be fooled, the other 4 days we made up for by running/walking the beach what felt like endless miles)

Check out the pics below!

Although the resort was impeccable, the food was not on the same level. We’ve been to Mexico many times and have agreed that good food is hard to come by on most resorts. On site, there was a Mediterranean restaurant, an Italian restaurant, an Asian Cuisine, and a basic restaurant that provided you with your typical American buffet. The Mediterranean restaurant “La Concha” was very average. They focused mainly on seafood at this restaurant, and it most definitely was not the best seafood we have ever had. The buffet was decent. In the mornings, there were many options at the buffet. There was an omelet bar, a fruit table, and hot trays that held pancakes and french toast! What more could you need. As for lunch and dinner, the food was often the same and was far from exciting. The Italian restaurant “El Mirador” is where we ended up most nights shockingly. Who would have thought that the best restaurant on a Mexican resort would  be Italian. Their menu offered many dishes, ranging from steaks to yummy pastas. Nobody had a complaint about this restaurant which is why we ate here at least 3 out of our 7 nights at the Grand Park Royal. The last restaurant is “El Oriental”, which offered foods such as sushi, and shish kabobs. It wasn’t a terrible meal, and the atmosphere was pretty cool, but overall not our favourite! At the end of the day, I think it is safe to say we were sad to leave the sun but definitely not the food!

Below is our go pro movie that we have created which shows a handful of memories from our vacation!

Overall, we had an amazing vacation! We would highly recommend checking out this resort if you’re looking for a quiet, yet fun place to relax!

Check it out here –>

Hope you guys enjoyed our first travel post! Stay tuned for Arizona in February!


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