Meet the Fam


Hey you, yah you, welcome to the inside look at this mildly dysfunctional yet spontaneous and loving family!

Lola, 13, may be the baby of the family, but she is wise beyond her years. Being the youngest of a travelling family has not affected this social butterfly. She is often the person to break tension in an awkward situation with a smart ass remark or a witty comment that one could only imagine hearing on a late night talk show. Unlike most kids her age, being the youngest has exposed Lola to X rated movies and years of roundtable discussions on topics that are associated with the everyday struggles of sex and alcohol addicted teens, (lol kind of aggressive but you get the picture).  She is wildly talented at drawing, painting, or anything else that requires an artistic touch. This Picasso of primary school has big dreams. She hopes to be dermatologist some day, and in a family of hormonal women, its too bad that this is not achievable at this current time. We have high hopes for this little munchkin.

Emma,16, is currently in the middle of getting her drivers licence so we advise everyone to please stay off the roads for your own safety. This clumsy teen is a product of Nashville, Tennessee and she is known for her ditzy yet elegant way of tackling every day life. Currently in high school, Emma has diverse knowledge on all things social media, she appreciates fashion and currently in a committed relationship with Netflix. They have been going strong now for 2 years. When emma isn’t watching Netflix or online shopping, you can catch her spilling a drink at the dinner table, or staining a piece of furniture with remnants of a quick snack! Although she is a walking safety hazard, she is kind hearted and has ELE personality (ELE is everybody love everybody). She hopes to make a mark in the makeup and fashion industry someday…. said 1,000,000 other girls before her. All kidding aside we hope the best for our little wrecking ball.

Molly, 19, is an ambitious animal lover with a bold personality. If it were up to molly, we would all live in tents in the backyard so that every animal without a home could use our home as a hotel. She is the primary care giver to one of our fur babies, a Jack Russell Terrier named Willie. Molly is a yoga and fitness junkie who is always giving our family tips on how to make classic meals in a healthier way! This failed scientist originally wanted to be a dentist, however she came to find out that she is not destined for the scrubs. She is still getting over this, although she has been comforted by Meredith Grey and McDreamy (from her favourite tv show Grey’s Anatomy). She is currently pursuing a business degree from the University of Windsor and has the support of all her family members through any bad exam mark that is sill to come! When asked what she would like to do one day her answer is often, “I have no F#@cking clue”. Until the day comes when she knows the answer to this puzzling question, she will continue being the heart of our family’s mojo (which is ironically her childhood nickname lol)!

Brady, 20, is the oldest of the four of us and is also the only boy. He is a loving guy who loves to keep things light. Although he was not gifted with the hockey playing ability of our dad, he still has a huge passion for the game and hopes to be a successful sports agent in the future (if he makes it through law school first). Brady has been gifted with the ability to memorize anything he reads or listens to very few times. You’ll notice this quickly as majority of his vocabulary consists of one-liners from classic movies such as old-school or wedding crashers. Brady is a very likeable person, which is obvious because not a day goes by without all 5 members of his friend group show up unannounced to hangout. EVERYBODY likes Brady, its almost annoying. Without even trying, he can win anyone over with a simple 5 minute conversation (maybe less). Overall, he is very down to earth guy with an appreciation for the small details in life. His quirkiness is seen in his passion for tiny houses, cool Starbucks drinks, and his love for old country music!

Our parents, High School sweethearts. When life gives you hockey is kinda the perfect name for how are parents were brought together. While our mom is from Burlington, Ontario and our dad from Windsor, Ontario, the 3 hour separation would not keep them apart. Its kind of weird how things work out. They say that everything happens for a reason and it is clear that the perfect series of events had to occur for all of us to be here. Our mom’s brother Dave was drafted to the Sault Ste Marie Greyhounds of the Ontario Hockey League, which just so happened to be the junior hockey team that our Dad was already playing for. The rest seems to be history, so in a sense our existence can be attributed to the General Manager and scouting staff of the Greyhounds in the 1980’s.

Currently, our Mom lives with us in Windsor and our dad lives in San Jose. Even though they live a 5 hour flight away, every time they come together it’s like they never skipped a beat. They are both on the same level of crazy (and when I say crazy I mean crazy..). I don’t know if hockey is the reason for this, but both of our parents are a little obsessed with fitness and health. Anytime we talk to our dad on the phone, his first question is “how was the gym?” or “have you been eating good lately?” For most people, going on vacation is a break from your normal life. You’re allowed to relax, and sleep in, and eat whatever you feel like eating. In our family, this is unheard of. There is no such thing as sleeping in. Why sleep in when you can go to the hotel gym, or run 5 miles on the beach? Totally normal, right? I don’t think so. Even though they might be a little bit psycho, we know they have our best interest at heart, and we love them anyways.

Lastly, Meet the fur babies

Barclay, 11 yrs young, Puggle

Willie, 8 months, Jack Russell


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