Pizza Antica

Hey guys,

Welcome to our very first restaurant review! One of the many perks of travelling is being able to try out new restaurants all over the globe. Since life has recently brought us to San Jose, one of our favourite spots to go for a family dinner is Pizza Antica.


We would describe Pizza Antica as a Modern Italian Pizzeria. The menu is constantly improving with new items being added often in order to keep things fresh and exciting! One of the great things about this restaurant is that you can order family style or you can choose your own meal, whatever you prefer. The menu offers a great selection of pastas and pizzas that you are guaranteed to obsess over. While the menu may look simple, the meals are on another level!

Check it out yourself  –>

Although the food is the best part, the atmosphere and decor of the pizzeria makes the experience complete. It’s a very ‘chill’ environment (not too fancy, but not too casual..the perfect in between). The music is somewhere along the lines of Indie/Alternative, which may not be everyone’s favourite, but suits the setting perfectly!


The service is top notch! Every employee is genuinely nice and very outgoing! These people give off major California vibes. For example…when we told our hostess one night that we were from Canada, his response was “that is fucking awesome”.. then he proceeded to tell us how fucking amazing the tiramisu is. This made the experience that much better for us. (he was speaking our language)

Our absolute FAVOURITE part about this unreal restaurant is the manager, Joe McCabe (aka @giant_ginge). He has made every one of our visits so enjoyable and we look forward to seeing him every time we return! He was one of the first people we had the opportunity of becoming friends with since we’ve been in Cali (aside from our hockey fam) and he is such a cool dude!


If you’re ever in the area, check it out! You will not regret it!

definitely 5 stars on our scale


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