Our “Bite Lab” Experience

This year, we got to San Jose on December 22nd to begin our Holidays. We are in the perfect location to squeeze in last minute shopping for our parents as just about every store you can imagine is only a couple steps away. Our dad is relatively easy to shop for, Mom on the other hand…not so much!

It sucks spending your own money (that you don’t have a lot of) on something that lose sit’s novelty within days. This year we really wanted to think of something that wasn’t really a “thing” at all. Our parents always tell us the time we spend together and the things we do together is all that they need and they don’t want us to spend our money on them…but how could we listen.

At this point, we only had 2 days to get our shit together and think of something so cool that it would be worth every penny we had to spend. We came across this store called “Bite”. We were familiar with the brand because they carry it at Sephora, but had no clue that they had there own stores. We weren’t going to shop for our mom, we were going there for our own selfish reasons, but it ended up working out in our favour!

We decided to get our mom a package of two lipsticks. When you buy lipstick from the Bite Lab as a gift, they give you and empty tube that you will bring in for them to fill. Our mom was so excited because she loves lipstick but can never find the perfect one. Almost every time she buys a new one she tries it for about a week and decides it’s not meant for her (but don’t worry, they never go to waste in a house with 3 girls). They’re always too bright, too dark, too drying, too sticky… (you get the point). At Bite, you can customize your colour, scent and finish. This was the perfect way to nail the exact lip colour that suits you and, bonus, we got to spend some quality-girl time with our mom.

We were told when we bought the lipsticks that we should make an appointment before we come in judging by the amount of gifts that were purchased during the holidays. We ended up just walking in with no appointment and they took us right away. We were all so excited and mesmerized by the way that they create these lipsticks. First, you start off by narrowing down the colour. In my mom’s case, she decided to create a bright pink colour first. They then start mixing the pink base with other colours until you get the desired colour (BTW they let you try it on each time they add a new shade). They then add a clear paste that transforms the colour into your preferred finished. My mom chose matte, but it’s a creamy matte rather than a dry matte. Next, you choose your scent. There are a number of scents to choose from including vanilla, mint, violet, lime etc. My mom decided to choose the cherry scent to go with her pink lipstick. Next, they melt the lip colour and pour it into a mould. It then goes into a machine that hardens the liquid and the lipstick simply slides into the tube and voila! You have yourself a custom made, one of a kind lipstick. She repeated this exact process to make a coral/rust colour with a lime scent and again, a matte finish.

This was such a cool experience and I can confidently say that we will be revisiting the Bite Lab. They are a Canadian based company (woohoo) and they now have 3 lip labs open to visit in Toronto, San Francisco, and San Jose. The service was amazing (shout out to Yesenia) and the lipsticks are amazing!!! Down below are some photos and a video that might help you get a better idea of what our experience was like.




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