Aspirin Mask – Review & Recipe

My sister and I have the same exact skin type. When we breakout, we breakout and the scars last FOREVER… literally. We are always trying to find ways to help our skin and we’ve pretty much tried every face mask in the book. My friends recommended the aspirin mask to me (shoutout to Tianna and Liv). They said that it helps reduce redness and breakouts, which makes sense because aspirin is an anti-inflammatory. After the recipe was sent to me I ran to the grocery store and picked up all of the ingredients: distilled water, organic honey and uncoated aspirin. I followed the directions on the website that my friend sent me the link to.

  • take 5-7 aspirin (8 max) and drop them into a mug
  • pour water into the mug starting with a very little bit gradually adding more until the consistency turns into a somewhat paste-like substance
  • add 1 tsp of organic honey (this step is optional but is recommended to prevent dryness)
  • leave on for 15-20 minutes and you should see results instantly!

After taking off the mask both my sister and I realized that the redness of our blemishes were instantly reduced and our skin was left glowing! This is such an easy and cheap remedy that works better than half of the overpriced face masks we’ve purchased in the past.

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 12.40.51 PM.png


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