Capitola Beach

Since we’re basically Nomads at this point, we decided to spend our Christmas this year at Capitola Beach. So many people have spent every Christmas since they were born at the same place, doing the same thing. It’s hard to have “traditions” when you’re constantly on the go, so we get to make new memories every year. This was our second year spending Christmas is Cali and we have loved every second of it.

Capitola is a cute little ‘surf’ town. It is everything you would imagine when thinking about California. There a people walking around wearing wetsuits while carrying surf boards, and so many little surf shops that are run by locals.

The best part about Capitola is the little hole in the wall bathing suit stores! Since Victorias Secret had discontinued swimwear, this is our new go-to town for bathing suits. They carry the best lines of swimwear including Boys & Arrows, Vitamin A, and Frankies Bikinis. If you ever go bathing suit shopping in Capitola beach be sure to leave your dad at home, because if he’s anything like ours “there is no f@!*ing way you’re buying a $200 bathing suit”.

Aside from shopping, Capitola has the most beautiful beach and so many cute restaurants overlooking the ocean. we decided to have Christmas dinner at Shadowbrook which is rated number one in the town. Check out our restaurant review to see our thoughts on this cute little place!

This little town has the most adorable homes and condos for rent, and has everything you need near by! If you’re ever looking for somewhere quiet to go in California that is the whole package, choose Capitola!


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