Shadowbrook Restaurant

Shadowbrook restaurant is located in Capitola, California and is rated number one in the city. After researching this restaurant online, our dad decided this is where he wanted to take us for Christmas dinner. This restaurant looked beautiful inside and out and the menu was very impressive. When my dad called to make reservations he spoke to the manager John who told him the restaurant was all booked and we would not be able to go. He told my dad he would continue to work on it and try and find a way to get us in…John, thank you for not letting us down!

The restaurant looks like a log cabin hidden in the trees. Because the parking lot was at the top of a hill in the heart of Capitola, and the restaurant was a bit lower, you have to take a gondola to arrive at the hostess desk! The Gondola was adorable, and the ride added a little fun to the experience.

The inside of the restaurant was warm and cozy, made mostly of wood and stone. The lights were dimmed and there were strands of Christmas lights strung across all the ceilings. Our table overlooked a river that flows in from the ocean, and there were trees everywhere that almost made you feel like you were having dinner in the middle of a rain forest.

When we got to our table, the manager John greeted us and introduced himself. He was so nice and we were so grateful that he was able to get us in. Once we ordered our drinks, we were informed that calamari and baked brie were on the way (on the house)… once again, You’re the man John! The appetizers were nothing short of amazing. The calamari was perfectly breaded and served with a tasty dipping sauce, and the baked brie was warm and served with crackers and a variety of spreads. One we were done with appetizers, they brought us our starter caesar salads that we ordered. The portions were massive, but the salad was delicious. Next, they brought out our main dishes. A few of us got lobster, one got lamb, and one got scallops. All the dishes came out at the same time and they all had good presentation. The lobster was served with warm butter and it melts in your mouth. I could eat it everyday of the week and be happy for the rest of my life. From what I hear, the scallops and lamb were also amazing. Check out their menu and see for yourself all the great things Shadowbrook has to offer.






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