How to Prep for Exams

… Don’t.




Just kidding.

As much as we all hate to admit it, exam season is around the corner and for most of us, this is a real problem. It’s easy to forget that you actually have responsibilities during the winter break. Right when it’s over and we begin to remember… exams are just a few weeks away. If you have the motivation to start studying over the break kudos to you because I sure don’t and I’m sure there are a lot of people on the same boat. After writing many exams, I am here to share the ways that I stay organized and motivated while studying.

LOCK YOUR PHONE AWAY… just do it, you can thank me later.  

Having your phone close to you while Instagram is waiting to be refreshed and Snapchats are waiting to be answered is a BAD idea while studying. I never had the discipline to do this until I had to write the hardest exam of my life and realized I had to stop messing around. I simply put my phone in a random cupboard in the kitchen and went back to my room for an hour or so to study. I cannot even explain how much easier it was to focus. It was crazy how much more information I absorbed when I wasn’t checking my phone every 5 minutes. Sometimes I even let my phone die and forced myself to refrain from charging it for awhile. I know this doesn’t take a genius to figure out but some people don’t realize how much easier studying is without having the urge to check your phone and I’m here to tell you that it helps… A LOT.


Try to stay away from typing notes. 

A lot of the time when you’re copying stuff out of a textbook and typing it into notes, you’re just summarizing words that you see without really processing what they mean. I find that when I write my notes by hand, I pay attention to what I’m writing and although it takes a little bit more time, it’s sooooo worth it in the end.

Stay organized. 

Throughout the year I find myself shoving random notes into random textbooks/binders and then when I look for my work I have no clue where I put it. This is one of the worst things that you can do while studying for exams. It’s SO important to stay organized while exam prepping because if you’re anything like me, you spend way too much time making notes to lose/misplace them. My favourite way to stay organized is COLOUR CODING!!! Colour coding is such a fun/practical way of keeping yourself organized. I usually choose a colour for each subject and try to write, for example, all of my law notes in purple pen, all of my english notes in green pen etc… This helps me separate these notes easily just by looking at them… and I’m not gonna lie, I get major satisfaction out of writing pretty notes and don’t lie… I know you do too.

Put aside time for each subject. 

Obviously some subjects need some more attention than others and that’s totally normal. While focusing most of your time on subjects like math, bio and chem, it’s really easy to forget to make time for subjects that aren’t as important/challenging like religion, english, business etc. Although these subjects aren’t as important, you still don’t want to completely bomb the exam… or worst case, fail the course and lose an entire credit. By setting aside specific time to study for each subject it’s easy to avoid this problem.



Taking breaks is very important while studying for anything. I’m not suggesting to take a break every 5 minutes, or even every 30 minutes but allowing yourself to cool off and chill out periodically can increase you focus in the time you use to study. Personally, after about an hour/hour and a half I notice myself reading my notes but not actually absorbing any of the information that I’m reading. Taking little 15 minutes here and there to get a snack, scroll through my phone or even just lay down helps me focus 10x easier.



This ones pretty self explanatory. It’s really important to sleep in order for your brain to perform properly.



** Everyone has their own ways of studying and I am just sharing the ways that work for me. Do whatever works for you and if any of these tips help then great!!! 🙂

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