Our Brother From Another Mother

When our dad got drafted to the OHL, he moved out of his house at the age of 15 and in with a family living in Sault Ste Marie. Our Uncle Dave (our moms brother) was in the same situation and  moved to The Soo at a young age like our dad, and conveniently in with the same fam (this is how our parents met). Since kids come from all over Ontario and beyond to play for these OHL teams, they need places to live and families to move in with. They call these families billet families, and we just so happen to be one. Over the years we have been lucky to billet several spitfires, many of them who we will never forget. These people become part of your family, and while your happy for them when they get to move on and advance with their careers its always hard to say goodbye.

Currently, Cole Purboo, forward for the Windsor Spitfires is living with us and we absolutely LOVE him. He fits in with our family so well, and its literally the sweetest human being around. He comes from the nicest family, and we are beyond blessed to have them in our lives!

Cole is of Jamaican Decsent, so our brother Brady jokes that he is ‘our brother dipped in chocolate’ (don’t worry, Cole thinks it’s hilarious). If you know our family at all, you know that the only music we listen to is country music. Since Cole has moved in with us, this has changed. He has opened our eyes to lots of different music such as rap and reggae. Cole has an enormous family much like ours, so he loves being part of the chaos and any family activity that’s on the schedule. When we went to visit his family in Oakville one day for brunch, we walked in to a room full of about 40 people just chillin’ out with reggae music playing in the background. Every single person we met that day was so outgoing and fun, we started to wish we could move in with them instead. 

We have all become so close to Cole over the past few months, it actually feels weird when we are apart from him for more than a week. It feels almost the same as when our biological brother, Brady, is missing. We are so happy that Cole is living with us and even happier that we’ve been able to meet his incredible family. They truly are the most thoughtful, selfless family on the face of the earth.

Not only does hockey bring us amazing opportunities and experiences, but it also brings us some pretty amazing people who we will never forget.




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