Our Happy Place

Throughout our childhood we have lived in SOO many different places such as Buffalo, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Calgary, Carolina, Colorado… and don’t get me wrong it had a lot of perks but one major downfall was living away from all of our family. We moved back to Windsor every summer because that’s where our dad grew up and where his family was from, but my mom’s family lives in Burlington so we didn’t see them as often. Burlington is about 3 hours away from Windsor so anytime we got to go on a road trip to Burlington it was like a mini vacation.

We have a lot of family in Burlington…Our Mimi and Gramps, Aunts and Uncles and all of our little cousins who are absolutely adorable! When we come to Burlington, we are always spending time together, and over time we have developed so many fun traditions with our family such as Canada’s Wonderland, Springridge Farms, African Lion Safari and the list goes on.


As we’ve gotten older, our trips have gone from enjoying fun excursions to sitting at home and having drinks with our cool aunts and crazy uncles. We kind of have a weird relationship with them, we think of them as more of best friends than anything… we like to think that we keep them young. lol. We have so much fun together, it’s gotten to the point where our friends beg us to bring them along when we go to Burlington and when they plan a trip down to Windsor, all our friends clear their schedules and plan to camp at the Boughner house all weekend.

Burlington is the perfect weekend get away. How many people can say, I wanna do something fun this weekend… I’m gunna go visit my grandparents! …not too many people, BUT WE CAN! We are so used to being on the go all the time, when we are in Windsor too long, this is our escape. A typical day in Burlington consists of going to the mall, meeting our crazy big family for lunch and then heading back to Mimi and Gramps’ for drinks and dinner. It sounds like a pretty average day but theres never a dull moment with 10 little kids running around and our aunts and uncles drinking a little (a lot) too much wine.

Nobody has ever had a ‘bad trip’ to Burlington, in fact.. nobody ever wants to leave! This truly is our happy place.


One thought on “Our Happy Place

  1. I LOVE this post! Chelsea and I would always look forward to your Burlington visits. We have the sweetest memories and some adorable pictures . Xo Courtney

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