Urban Surf

Most people our age are currently working a job or maybe even two in order to pay for school or for cars or whatever else it is you might need to pay for… or maybe your just searching for a job for the summer so you can make a little extra spending cash (kinda like us). This blog post is dedicated to our kick ass bosses, and our favourite place to spend our summer… URBAN SURF!!

Because of school, homework, and travelling all year round, it’s WAY too hard for us to handle having a job during the year (we would be an employers worst nightmare when it comes to taking days off).. but during the summer we love to work and here’s why…

My sister and I work at a little place in our home town called Urban Surf.. No, there’s no real surfing where we live because you need oceans & waves for that which sadly we don’t have. Thankfully Danielle and Chris Mingay opened up shop, and now people from all over Windsor-Essex county can go paddle boarding on Lake St.Clair all summer long. (Bringing a little bit of Cali to Canada.. thx guys!) This is a perfect job for us because they’re only open in the summer, and because our bosses Chris and Danielle are really great to us and understand our busy lifestyle.

We met Danielle a long long time ago when she was the trainer for our dads hockey team (the Windsor Spitfires) , and we absolutely loved her! Little did we know a couple weeks later she would be our trainer when our parents enrolled us in children’s bootcamp (that doesn’t even sound right). After this we liked Danielle a little less. All four kids in my family + a couple other random kids went to bootcamp every single week, twice a week i think. It was dreadful, but we were all able to bond over the fact that we had crazy parents, and bootcamp was their idea of a good time.

Danielle still runs her crazy bootcamps and once in a while we still drag our asses to her class (every time is just as scary as the first). If you’ve never tried one of Danielle’s workouts before, you gotta check it out. Whether you go to stairs class at the rink, or one of her insane hill workouts you won’t regret it. You might hate her during the class, but I can assure you that you will love her for the results. If you don’t live in Windsor or you can’t make it to the classes, no excuses. Check out my youtube channel as Danielle would say…quick and easy (not really that easy).

click here for youtube link —> AXFIT

In 2013 when I heard Danielle was opening urban surf I was only 15 years old but wanted to work there so so badly. It looked like the coolest job in the world. 4 years later I’m still here and it still is the best job in the world. The first summer urban surf was open we only had about 8 boards to rent out… now we have around 30 boards, 7 kayaks, 3 canoes, a fully stocked smoothie bar, a slack line , & even urban surf merchandise.. more to come, so stay tuned! Every summer urban surf continues to grow and become an even more fun place to hang than it already is.

We get to spend our whole summer working outdoors, paddle boarding, meeting new people, and working with the best staff. We kind of have our own little urban surf family and this year we will be adding 2 more… Danielle is pregnant with twin girls, and we are all SOOO excited! I’m sure they will be the newest attraction at urban surf this coming season.

Being at urban surf it doesn’t even feel like you’re at work. From the smell of fresh cut grass, to the sounds of the lake, and the indie/summer music playing all day long… it feels more like a dream than a job. lol. ohhh and how can we forget about the lulu lemon trunk sales that happen in our very own parking lot. If you’ve never been paddle boarding before you’re seriously missing out. It’s always good vibes at urban surf, and sometimes, when we’re lucky …we have live entertainment when Adriano shows up with his guitar. Come visit us @ urban surf this summer, it’s going to be epic!!

Check out the site to read more about our rentals, parties, and events. And don’t forget to come visit us this summer to check out the sick new merchandise (thanks to Knox Essex’s killer design skills)

click here —> UrbanSurf.ca



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