St.Josephs Trail

Since we are now frequent visitors to San Jose, and since our parents are still psycho workout freaks, we decided we needed a way to get in our daily workout without being stuck in the gym ALL morning EVERY morning. People in California spend a lot of time outside, and there are so many beautiful trails here …so we went hiking.

We drove to Los Gatos (the cutest town, EVER) , and we hit up St.Josephs trail. Our first hike was an epic fail. Had we known the trail was 7 miles long and took 1.5 hours (ish)  just to get to the top, we may have prepared ourselves a little more.

After about 45 minutes of the hike, we finally made it through the forest part of the trail that was all mud and trees. We saw a sign in the distance and went to check it out.

The sign read:

Caution, Recent activity: mountain lions, and following were steps on what to do if you encounter a mountain lion during your hike….



This was super encouraging and totally made us want to keep going…not.

As we started to climb the mountain, we started to fight more. Lola was crying a lot, Emma was complaining a lot and Dad was pissed because “if you can’t get up this mountain, than you’re in terrible shape.. LETS GO, stop crying”.

About 1.5 hours later we finally made it to the top, and as much as I hate to admit it, the view was kind of worth it.


The way down was much more enjoyable, and we even discovered a short cut (bonus).

As horrible as I made this sound, it wasn’t actually that bad. I almost wish there were more hills or mountains where we come from, but instead we live in the flattest area around. We realized that you get to spend a lot more quality time together on the trails rather than the gym. We’ve actually been back quite a few times since then, and it’s getting easier every time. We have yet to encounter a mountain lion, thank God, and we are currently in training (by Bob) to complete Camelback mountain in Arizona this coming February. Stay tuned!


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